Heidi is a widely experienced technical writer with an interest in writing herself out of work. She specializes in creating entire documentation suites for new companies and products in less time than you would believe possible. She speaks on topics like search-led writing, starting new documentation products, and whistleblowing as a technical writer.


With over 20 conferences and three continents of experience, Heidi is an excellent resource for technical talks on a variety of topics. She’s also flexible and adaptable enough that she always has a spare talk if you have a crisis on short notice. Her talks are thoughtful, witty, and broadly applicable. She’s spoken at language-specific conferences (RubyConf, PyDX), industry conferences (Write the Docs, SpringOne Platform, DevOps Days) and generalist technology conferences (OpenSource Bridge, Abstractions).


Heidi sews all the clothes she wears to give talks (except that Lisa Frank incident). Her passion for crafting expresses itself in her slightly-neglected Tumblr,, where she uses her crafting projects to discuss agile methodology in an accessible way. Currently, her Trello list of projects that should be documented is only slightly shorter than her list of projects she wants to start Really Soon Now.