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I’m an engaging and dynamic speaker, and I’m always interested in discussing speaking opportunities and new audiences.

I’m also offering a set of coaching courses for your company so your team can get hands-on experience with my streamlined and focused writing techniques.
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Heidi Waterhouse speaking at The Lead Developer
Photo credit: © Katura Jensen 2016

Upcoming appearances

July 12

DevOpsDays Minneapolis
July 26

Kansas City Developer Conference
August 3-4

Recorded talks

Talks in development

In addition to the recordings of talks you can find here, I’m also preparing talks on:

Other appearances

Women Techmakers Montreal, 2017
I Have ADD and So Can — Ooh, Shiny!

Confoo Montreal, 2017
Search-First Writing for Developers

Write/Speak/Code, Chicago, June 15.
Cassandra at the Keyboard: Whistleblowing at All Scales

Surge ’16, DC, September 21-23
The Death of Data

Abstrations, Pittsburgh
The Seven Righteous Fights
The Kids are Going to be 200 OK

APIStrat, Boston
The Death of Data