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I’m an engaging and dynamic speaker, and I’m always interested in discussing speaking opportunities and new audiences.

I’m also offering a set of coaching courses for your company so your team can get hands-on experience with my streamlined and focused writing techniques.
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Heidi Waterhouse speaking at The Lead Developer
Photo credit: © Katura Jensen 2016

Upcoming appearances

DevOpsDays New York City

LinuxConf Australia


Recorded talks

Talks in development

In addition to the recordings of talks you can find here, I’m also preparing talks on:

Other appearances

Women Techmakers Montreal, 2017
I Have ADD and So Can — Ooh, Shiny!

Confoo Montreal, 2017
Search-First Writing for Developers

Write/Speak/Code, Chicago, June 15.
Cassandra at the Keyboard: Whistleblowing at All Scales

Surge ’16, DC, September 21-23
The Death of Data

Abstrations, Pittsburgh
The Seven Righteous Fights
The Kids are Going to be 200 OK

APIStrat, Boston
The Death of Data

API Hospitality

DevOpsDays Minneapolis
Fear of the Bus: Docs and Devops

Kansas City Developer Conference
I Have ADD and So Can — Oooh, Shiny

DevOpsDays Phoenix
Fear of the Bus

Y2K and Other Disappointing Disasters

Search-First Writing for Developers