Talks in Production: A Webinar Series for New Speakers

This is the page for an invitation-only webinar I’m running for people who are interested in taking their first steps into public speaking at work, user groups, or conferences.

Let me tell ya: How to submit a Talk Proposal

This first webinar is about how you figure out what you want to talk about and where and how to propose the talk.

  • How to figure out where to talk
  • Figuring out your topic
  • Types of talks
  • Crafting a proposal
  • Submitting your proposal
  • Tracking submissions
  • Responding to acceptances and rejections

Making the Thing: How to Create a Presentation

The second webinar focuses on how you write a presentation and work through your idea to present it effectively.

  • How long is your talk slot and how do you judge your content
  • How to do audience analysis
  • Learn your own talk process
  • Slide deck tips
  • Promoting your talk

Practice Makes Better: How to Prepare for Your Show

  • Why practice matters
  • What counts as practice
  • How to get better
  • Practical preparations for most situations
  • Question time and feedback